Power Stealing Thermostat - Heat Only - Non-Programmable

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Item #: PST-1

Low Cost Power Stealing Thermostat

This power stealing thermostat can replace most two-wire heating or heat/cool thermostats. No common wire is required. The PST-1™ thermostat features a "state of the art" microprocessor, durable molded ergonomic case, and a highly visible and easy-to read display. The PST-1™ power stealing thermostat is easy to install and is user friendly.


  • Apartment Complexes
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Offices


    Rugged Construction
    Large LCD display
    Easy push buttons
    No batteries
    Short cycle protection
    Selectable cycle rate
    Works with single stage gas or electric heating and cooling and most two-wire zone valves (No common wire required)
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